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who are the cult?



JAY - As diabetic as they come, jay, jimmy, James, is our in house designer & all round savage on a bike, loves a German vehicle and owns the coolest 4x4 van you’ll ever see. Crashes on every ride but always comes away smiling. Don’t ever follow him on the trails, but follow him on the gram @jaymitcham
Matthew Duck, Dave, Davies our full time camera guy & media man. Winner of the 2019 DTG ( Dedication to Gimbal ) award, He is as fast behind the lense on 2 feet as he is in front of it on two wheels. Matty is also awaiting confirmation of his first successful world record attempt after building a fully tricked modern trail bike for under £40 “self certified tight f***”.. we think he’s got it in the bag. You can follow his high quality media page @blackvienmedia or you can see him riding a bike and generally fucking about @imjustduckingaround


how we met...

About how we came together - Matty and jack have been causing shit for a long time, we met when Racing the 2011 north wales downhill series round 1 at Nant Gwrtheyrn  when Matty’s dad fell ill and had to leave the race immediately to drive to hospital, killing a buzzard in the front grill of the “dynacheat”transit on the way.. Matty’s parents had drove to the venue and Matty and Adam were on a practice run when they had to leave, so our stuff was left with Dan Bowen’s dad and after the practice run we discovered that we (Matty and Adam) needed to find a lift home. Adam had been speaking to jack as he was a local boy and brand new to the scene, we approached jack and his dad, who at the time had the oldest and coolest ex Royal Mail LDV pilot “the love bus” who quickly offered us a lift back home after hearing the circumstances we were in. We raced in the windy wet cold that nant G was known for being right on the coastline of north Wales (track literally finished on the cliff of a beach) (JACK “Yeah I remember the track being gnarly and feeling well out of my depth. I didn't have the legs or ability to put a run together. Think I finished 21st? Nice place tho “ 

Matty finished 5th in youth and jack 21st in youth also, we left the venue up the steepest hill we’ve ever seen, struggling with the love bus being fully loaded with wet and heavy kit and bikes, we managed to get up the hill with a few attempts and a long run up, nearly losing the spare wheel pit the side door in the process. Trucking back from the furthest north Wales you can go on the mainland in a normal van takes a good 5 hours pushing on, we were struggling to hit 60 and were in for a long journey, Matty and Adam were on one, winding up jacks dad who they had met only hours earlier, Adam waking Matty up with a full red bull cam to the head. We eventually got home and started to go to races as a big group of families for years to come.... but wayyyy before all that, Matty used to see this “older cool kid” hanging around and jibbing his dirt jump bike in the local park, that cool kid was jay mitcham, Afro on his head and adidad decade high tops on his feet. Flash forward many years, we all got away from bikes for a bit and then started to get back into it a bit, with the power of Instagram jay reached out to both Matty and jack to go riding and soon after that underdogs cult became a thing...

Jack - swag , pez , milkybar kid, the glory boy. the only rider to turn up to his first race with sponsors, had a some massive crashes and injuries but always back on his bike as soon as he can. Once the proud owner of a normal length bike. Loves them long and low now. Accountant of the cult and critiques designs and music choice to perfection. 
Pronoun - vegan as fuck.